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You might be wondering why your WSI eStrategies team is sharing secrets about meta tags and conversions when the almighty Google has declared they aren’t used for ranking purposes anymore, right? The truth is, the keyword and description meta tags aren’t used in the search algorithms like they used to be, but they still matter. We’ll not only show you why they matter, we’ll also give you some secrets to crafting meta tags that drive conversions.

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The Site with the Best Meta Tags Wins the Race

Surely you have heard the cliché, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” When you’re thinking of meta tags, think of them as the eyes into your online “business.” In fact, when people enter keywords that match the content in your website, the Meta title and description tags are the first taste of your business they see. The title tag will point to the exact page on your website where the potential customer will find the information they need and the description will give them the first view into what information you have on offer when they click through. With roughly 160 characters to grab their attention and get them to choose your site over all others, you need to craft powerful Meta tags that entice click-through.

The Page Ranking Conundrum

While Google no longer uses keyword tags to rank a site or page, it’s not quite true that all Meta tags are redundant. When ranking your site, click-through rates, the number of pages viewed on your site when a potential customer visits and the length of time spent on each web page are all part of today’s ranking factors, think user experience. For example, if you sell widgets and your site appears on the second or third page of search engine results page (SERPS ) yet you manage to draw a steady flow of traffic to your site through other channels and tactics and that traffic engages with your website (now think conversions), you can bet your site will move up in rank. As it moves up, your web traffic will increase even more and we all know what that means. As we approach the number one position, it gets really competitive, so if organic listings is something you want to maintain, and your meta tags are the first thing a searcher will see so they better be fantastic! If you want to hold top position, you now must consider, click-through (meta tags that convert) and user experience (fantastic website).

The Fast Secret to Crafting Meta Tags that Convert

There are business owners just like you who have paid out thousands of dollars for keyword research and the development of Google AdWords campaigns designed for maximum reach and conversions. Our fast secret is to leverage the efforts they have expended and make them work for you! Known in the industry as the “CTR Magnet Method,” the following steps are a fast and safe way to increase your traffic organically and drive conversions:

  1. Make a list of the most important keywords for each of your website’s pages and perform a Google search for them.
  2. Study and make some notes on the words and phrases the companies are using to lure their target audience. Use the words and phrases to develop your own unique meta title and description for each of your web pages.
  3. Enjoy increased traffic and higher conversions!


Ad copy example









It may sound too easy but it really is that simple. It’s important to put your own spin on the words and phrases so you aren’t infringing on any copyrights and your business stands out from others.

Put some Power behind your Words and Phrases

Our second secret is also very simple; people pay more attention to affirmative action-type words and phrases than they do to passive language. Since you’re limited to roughly 55 characters for your titles and 160 for your descriptions, make them count. Some great words to get you started include:

      • Step-by-Step
      • Secrets (see what we did there?)
      • Easy, Quick or Simple
      • Fast, Speedy or Works Quickly
      • Today, Right Now, Don’t Delay

Captivate your Audience

Once you’ve done the work to grab readers’ attention and they choose your site, make sure the content they access is compelling and delivers the information they need or want. Writing Meta tags that convert are the first step to increasing your traffic and improving your ranking, but the content is what will move your potential customers through the sales funnel!

Feeling a little overwhelmed with how to write your own meta tags that drive conversions? Contact your experts of WSI eStrategies in Ottawa and we’ll help you get the notice you deserve!

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