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Ottawa Web Design – Award Winning Website Solutions


Before you cough up the cash & hire any Web Design Company in Ottawa you need to understand that a well-designed website is essential to any online business. Without that, customers just get lost and go elsewhere. Remember the 8-second rule! Most Internet users make a decision on a website within the first 8 seconds of landing on a page. Like the song says, “Should I stay or should go!” Your website needs to have easy navigation and clearly identifiable products and services listed. The visual elements or what we like to call “website conversion architecture” are of the utmost importance. The colours, layout, textures, and images need to be appealing and eye-catching.

What to Expect From our Website Designs

Easy navigation & enticing calls-to-action buttons.

Easy website navigation & well thought-out calls to action keep a visitor on your site longer & greatly increase the chances of them converting into a lead.

Confidence building header.

Think validation! By promoting your brand’s logo, awards, industry badges, certifications you build visitor confidence & increase conversion.

Clear & Concise headlines

Let visitors & search engine know exactly what your web page is about. Remember the 8 sec rule.

Product & service targeted landing pages.

Well-optimized landing pages that validate & promote conversion by showing-off your businesses products & services.

Brag & show-off off your trusted reviews

We all know they won’t buy if they don’t trust. Show off your review front & center to establish confidence and trust in your brand.

Highlight your service areas. 

Let’s optimize all your local service areas with WSI adaptive Local SEO. Let your website rank in search engines and take full advantage of your new WSI created website.

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Our Ottawa Web Design & Dev Process

Before we begin any new website design or development project, we meet with you to get a clear understanding of your business and goals. What would like your visitors to do on your website? Buy a product? Inquire about a service? Subscribe to your email marketing newsletter so you can nurture the prospect or maybe it’s as simple as getting directions to your store. The possibilities are endless and based on that information we can work to develop a custom designed website that’s not only appealing and interactive but meets your company’s needs.

  • Business Website
  • eCommerce Website
  • Personal website
  • Event Website
  • Landing Pages
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

What is Responsive Web Design

With so many different types of smartphones and tablets accessing sites, past solutions were to create different apps to adjust for each of the different platforms. An easier solution is responsive web design, which uses media queries to determine which resolution of device it’s being served on and then adjusts accordingly. Depending on the device used, the sidebars, images, content columns and navigation will adjust to fit that specific device.

Responsive website design solutions allow businesses to build and manage a consistent presence across all channels that a 21st-century consumer uses. This means that your website and its content will look proportionate to the screen size it’s being viewed on. Many businesses don’t realize they are losing conversions (potential sales) by not implementing responsive web design solutions.

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If your current website is not reflecting your companies brand image, contact us today and one of our talented Ottawa Web Design professionals will be glad to take the time to discuss your options.