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Top 10 Things Your Ottawa Business Must Know About Web Design

Top 10 Things Your Ottawa Business Must Know About Web Design

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your website is the introduction to your Ottawa business to many customers. You have just a few seconds to make a positive impact on your audience, to turn someone into a customer. Web design is the showcase for your brand. Good web design makes your website appealing, keeping your audience on your site to learn about your business. Your business must invest in professional web design to make that strong first impression and then keep visitors coming back.  

How Important is web design? 

Your website is like the exterior of your store. It’s the face of your business. Your audience will judge your business based on your website. Modern web design is inviting and dynamic. It’s like a friendly customer service representative smiling at someone to come in and check out the place. Outdated web design makes customers feel as if you don’t care about your brand.  

How long does it take to design and develop a new website? 

We understand that you need your website up and going quickly, but you need to allow time to discover and build a strategy for your brand. We recommend planning at least ten to twelve weeks, but the timeframe can be longer depending on how many pages, modules, features, and functions are to be incorporated. Your website is your opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors. Spending time on web design planning pays off when you finally do get your website launched.  Download wsi ebook

How much does web design cost? 

Without actually discussing this with you, it’s difficult to say what web design will cost. Every business has unique needs for their website. An eCommerce site that accepts credit card payments may require more security elements than a website that just offers information. Our web development team in Ottawa will help you set goals and create a strategy for a website that fits your needs and your budget. Think of web design as an investment in marketing because you absolutely must get a good ROI on your website.  

What is responsive web design? 

Responsive web design takes the approach to make sure that users on different devices and screens have access to your site’s elements. When you invest in responsive design, you ensure that the mobile user on an iPhone sees your website just as well as someone on a laptop. It’s about user experience and satisfaction.  

What does UX mean in web design? 

Top 10 Things Your Ottawa Business Must Know About Web Design

User experience, UX, is how the user interacts with your website. In website design, it means that you create an experience that is meaningful and relevant to the user. While some as

pects are technical, such as page load speed or the site structure, it’s also about making sure that you think about what the user needs and why they are on your site.  

What is SSL? 

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s essentially the encryption between the web server and web browser to keep online transactions private and secure. There are many types of security protocols to protect your customers’ information online. If you plan to accept credit cards or email information, you will want to make sure your website includes strong online security measures.  

Does website design include SEO? 

Website design has many elements, some of which do support SEO and help your site get indexed for search. Web design is more about the images, the layout, the navigational structure, and individual pages of your site. SEO includes the content and keywords that you want to rank for. Web design should include SEO because you want your website to be found by potential customers.  

Do I have to live in Ottawa to work with you on web design? 

Our business is located in Ottawa. With the technology resources available to us, we can create a website for you regardless of where you live and operate your business. We can meet over the phone or through video to discuss your needs. Our team can work on the website design in Ottawa and when we’re ready to show you what we’ve done, we can send you a link to see it. Then we can discuss what you like and what to do to move forward.  

How much input will I have in web design for my business? 

When you partner with us, we try to include you as much as possible in your web design. It’s your brand and business. We want you to be completely satisfied with the end result. Our team comes with a lot of experience in web design. We use our knowledge to build your website to generate more quality leads, to build brand awareness and to grow your fanbase. Sometimes, you may need to trust our experience and background to take your business to the next level of digital marketing excellence.  

Who maintains my website once it’s online?  

You decide how to maintain your website. We are able to maintain the site if that is what you want. We can also turn the website over to your team to maintain. With some businesses, we have a hybrid relationship. We tailor our digital marketing services in Ottawa to your needs and budget. Your website is your story. We just help you tell your story effectively.  

Can you help me make sense of the analytic reports from my website?  

Web design should earn its keep through marketing. We can help you use the resources available to track and measure the ROI of your website. Once you understand how your website is doing, you can take ineffective pages and transform them to work harder. You can use your successful pages to develop more.  

Your Website Should Be Effective  

At WSI, our goal is to make your website work harder for your business. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our strategy is to learn your goals for your website, then take those goals and turn them into actions. We want to increase your productivity through website design, so your website supports your business. Discuss your website with our team to take the next steps to make your website more effective.

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