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Throughout 2016, we have helped you develop digital marketing strategies to grow your business by attracting more visitors and turning them into customers. As you have likely noticed, there is considerable work involved in the process and in 2017; your Ottawa WSI team is going to help you learn to maximize conversions using marketing automation. In the spirit of efficiency, marketing automation is going to make turning visitors into leads and leads into customers easier, and more effective than ever.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With so many connected processes involved in your digital marketing strategies, a system to keep things organized and monitor your success is critical to maximizing your conversions. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) or marketing automation comes into play. Whether your business is in its early growth stage or you have thousands of customers, a CRM is the tool to help monitor your efforts, determine which strategies are performing well and what stage your visitors are at in their buyer’s journey so you can give them what they need, when they need it. For everything you need to know to get started with marketing automation, download our free eBook: “The Beginner’s Guide to CRM.”

Best Practices to Maximize your Success with Marketing Automation

 Marketing automation is your key to creating a workflow designed to help you and your sales team effectively manage visitors at each stage of the buyer’s journey so you turn more visitors into leads and more leads into new customers. In order to maximize your success, there are five best practices:

  1. Know whom you are targeting.
    It’s back to basics in this first and most important step to maximizing your success with marketing automation. Buyer personas are integral to getting to know whom you are trying to attract and what methods will work best. The more work and detail you put into developing each of the buyer personas you will focus on, the easier the rest of your marketing strategies will be to implement.
  2. Smarketing is paramount!
    Smarketing, or aligning your sales and marketing team strategies is critical to successful lead conversions. Attracting all the visitors in the world won’t amount to any tangible results if these two departments aren’t working towards the same goals. The added benefit to aligning sales and marketing is your sales team will have added insight into what works to move your visitors along the buyer’s journey.
  3. The right message at the right time.
    Your content has to have value for your visitors to move them along the buyer’s journey and convert them into new customers. Delivering the right message for each stage is more important than ever in 2017. If you find you aren’t attracting enough new visitors, or you’re not achieving the conversion goals you have set, brainstorm with your sales team to develop new content.
  4. Lead nurturing across multiple channels.
    Delivering the right message at the right time is critical, but so is delivering the content where your target persona wants it most for each stage. Marketing automation will help you with multi-channel lead nurturing through your website, social media platforms, email, interaction with your sales team and more.
  5. Evaluate, adjust and repeat.
    With all of the data available to you through your digital marketing strategies, you can easily determine what components are working well and where you need to make changes. Marketing automation will help you capitalize on the data so you can evaluate, make necessary adjustments and repeat to increase your competitive advantage.

Marketing automation using a CRM is your key to designing workflows that increase your leads, aid in cross sales, allow your sales team to upsell and improve your customer experience. With the information available to sales and marketing, you are able to work together to refine your processes and develop the perfect strategy to ensure the main goal of your business is reached: more customers! Don’t forget to download your free copy of “The Beginner’s Guide to CRM” and if you want to know how CRM and marketing automation can make 2017 your best year yet, contact your professionals at WSI in Ottawa. We’re here to help!

Check Out our Video ‘Turning Visitors into Customers with Marketing Automation in Canada’

5 Steps to Marketing Automation Success Infographic

Marketing Automation infographic

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