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Is Your Website Ready for Digital Marketing?

Is Your Website Ready for Digital Marketing?

No matter how hard you work to perfect your website design, it does little good if you haven’t optimized it for clients who find you through digital marketing. Once a visitor is on your site, the number one consideration for driving further action is easy navigation. If users can’t find what they’re looking for, they will move on to a competitor’s website.

Consider the following statistics:

  • Only 35% of marketers understand the significance of the return on investment of their campaigns.
  • Just over half (52%) use attribution reporting to track leads.
  • Nearly 10% of marketers are not confident that their campaigns influence revenue.

With these uncertainties in mind, it’s important to optimize your website and turn it into a conversion machine so you don’t waste a single lead.

Why Your Website Needs Conversion Architecture

When you build or update your company’s website, use website conversion architecture to attract and nurture quality leads into customers. With the right blueprints, you can make your website easy to navigate — which is the most critical aspect of your digital marketing success.

You want your website visitors to immediately:

  • Experience your brand
  • Feel confidence and trust in your credentials
  • Find where they need to click, i.e. ACT

Your web design should focus on the following elements before anything else:

  • Homepage
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Nurturing

Let’s take your landing page for example. Does your landing page have the necessary features to drive your lead conversions? Your landing page needs the following elements to make warm leads buy your products:

  • Headlines that focus on user benefit
  • Easy to understand product descriptions
  • Promos that clearly convey value to customers
  • At least one visual with an interesting caption
  • Clear call to action (what should the customer do to buy the product)

Web Design for Marketing – Easy Tips that Work

Are you ready to turn your website into an extension of your marketing tools? Use the tips below to guide future website development:

  • Choose appealing colors, layouts, and fonts. An ugly or unprofessional website won’t represent your brand very well. Make sure that what customers see matches your company’s standard of professionalism.
  • Keep customers top of mind. You can create a customer persona and give them a name, personality traits, income, and education qualities. Building different personas for different clients can help you come up with a website that meets the needs of your core customer base.
  • Communicate concisely and simply. Your website talks to your customers. Make sure that what it says is understandable and easy to act on. If you have industry-specific jargon, make sure it has a point in what you’re trying to accomplish with your copy. Most importantly, give customers what they need. Can they easily see the phone number? Is it obvious where to turn for help with ordering or customer service issues?
  • Give your customer clear instructions. Every single page on your website needs a call to action. The call to action tells customers how to buy or find out more about your product or service. If you don’t provide instructions telling a customer what you want them to do, and how to engage, the rest of the content is rather pointless.
  • Make your website mobile friendly. These days, people shop from their tablets and phones most of the time. Make sure that your web design uses features that translate well on a variety of devices. This can also impact your Google search ranking.

For help converting your website into your best marketing asset, contact WSI eStrategies in Ottawa today. We can apply conversion architecture to your landing pages, home page, and your entire website so that more leads convert to customers.

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