Holiday time is here. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the busiest time for shopping all year and it is a competitive time for retailers to grab shopper’s interest and dollars. To get the most from the holiday season your marketing efforts need to be effective through social media, mobile devices and your content.

holiday marketing strategy

Mobile for Research

During the holiday season, consumers will use their smartphones and tablets more than ever. A large percentage of their mobile usage time will be spent on researching products, gift ideas and deals. Engaging with customers through mobile will be essential to holiday success. Take advantage of the research that consumers will do and invest in search ads and remarketing efforts. Since so much time will be spent searching, provide a way for customers to create wish lists from your site to share with family and friends.Mobile marketing also has the ability to offer coupons and promotions that can only be redeemed by either buying through a mobile device or by showing the coupon in store for a discount.

Using Social Media

Most retailers will turn to social media to get their holiday message out. In fact, 92% of marketers are planning holiday campaigns on Facebook and 73% will use Instagram. Your social media campaigns should be used to promote gift ideas and offer discounts. It’s also a place to provide ways on how to use your products, whether through blogs, pictures or videos. Give the consumers ways to make the holiday shopping time easier.


The above survey from eMarketer, shows how social media will be used while holiday shopping. The majority will use it for research and promotional information. Take that into consideration when developing content. By giving them what they want, it will result in more sales for you.

Be Creative

The holidays are the perfect time to be creative with your advertising and promotional efforts. Be festive with your images by showcasing your products with a holiday theme. This is not the time to use stock photos. Videos will go a long distance too. Videos can be made with little to no cost and can highlight clever uses of your products. Post them on your social media sites. Use clever campaigns, like an advent calendar. Every day they visit your website or social media they get another discount or free shipping or another product is highlighted at a special savings. It’s also a good time to thank your customers for their loyalty all year. Making them feel appreciated will go a long way.

Keep you Marketing Merry and Bright

The holidays can be stressful for so many people. Keep that in mind when planning your marketing. Make it as simple as possible for consumers to use your site and get the information they need. It is a long season, keep your brand at the top of their minds, offer promo codes and free shipping as incentives and keep it light. If you have questions about how to create a holiday marketing strategy, Contact Us, for you online marketing needs.