You have the best product or service, you’ve been paying attention and nailed down your primary buyer persona and you have awesome content aimed at driving more conversions than ever before. There’s just one problem; you’re not attracting new visitors and your traffic seems to have plateaued. Without new visitors, you are not going to meet the goals you established for your inbound marketing campaign! As an expert provider of SEO services in Canada, we are going to explain why Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is so important and the seven steps you need to be aware of to attract new traffic.

Think of SEO Services as a GPS for your Visitors

In order to grow your business and realize a ROI on your marketing spend, attracting new visitors has to be a priority. More than 81-percent of people research products and services online before making a purchase and SEO services are your means to attract them to yours. Content that’s not fully optimized will not rank as high in search engines, which means when people are searching, your content won’t be seen. SEO is how you provide visitors a GPS to your site. Without ranking high in search engine results pages (SERP’s), how else will people find you online?

Staying Ahead of the Curve is a Challenge for Many Internet Marketing Companies

In an effort to return quality results when people perform searches, search engine algorithms are ever evolving. For Internet marketing companies, this should mean continually upgrading your knowledge base to provide your customers with the best SEO services possible. Here are seven ways we improve SEO for our clients:

1-We cannot place enough emphasis on keyword research when it comes to SEO. The key is nailing down the phrases people are most likely to use when searching for your products or services and optimizing them fully.

2-Use competitor success as a benchmark. Analyze how your competitors are faring better than you in search engine results and strategize to improve your SEO for the win.

3-Optimize your entire website so it speaks the language of search engines and visitors. Sites that take advantage of professional SEO services are indexed more fully by search engine crawlers and appear in more search results.

4-Establish high domain authority. The more your optimized content is shared or linked to, the higher the authority gained for your domain.

5-Develop a content strategy to improve SEO and domain authority. Ensure it is relevant to your target audience and promote it across appropriate channels.

6-Amplify SEO and reach by leveraging the power of social media. Regular updates including your keywords improves rank.

7-Analyze your results and keep improving. Through analysis you can determine what needs work to build upon your SEO strategy and improve your ranking.


An effective SEO strategy takes considerable time and work. Without it however, your business will not reach its full potential. WSI Ottawa is your expert SEO services provider ready to partner with you to propel your business to success. Let us handle attracting new customers through SEO and allow you the time you need to prepare for business growth!

Improve your SEO rankings!

Watch our video for more detailed information: 7 Steps to SEO Success in Ottawa and Canada