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LinkedIn Training & Social Selling Courses Ottawa


Why LinkedIn For Your Business???

As business owners and sales professional we often ask ourselves:

If any of these questions are resonating with you, it may be time to ditch your cold calling scripts and re-evaluate your current, more “traditional” selling tactics. Using our custom Linkedin training workshops for lead generation, or what we like to call “Social Selling”, is where the most successful business owners are concentrating their efforts in today’s extremely competitive landscape. That’s because innovative sales managers understand that consumers are primarily starting their buying process online. And more importantly, this buying process is happening with or without your guidance. So, if you are not online and leveraging social media sites like LinkedIn to build and promote your brand and services, you could be losing sales opportunities.

WSI’s Social Selling Course

At WSI we want to help teach you how to add value to this social buying cycle and transform the way you think about lead generation, so you can provide true insight throughout your buyer’s journey and ultimately win your company more business.

During the 4 weeks of the Social Selling Program we will help you become an expert at using LinkedIn Social Selling Techniques and Twitter to share and publish information that will keep you “Top of Mind” and demonstrate your “thought-leadership” to your buyers.

This training provides you with practical exercises that follow-on from your instructor led webinar and will help you develop a habit or routine that will contribute to your sales success.

Customized Courses for Social Media Specific platforms are available and will cater to your industry specific vertical. 

Contact us directly to customize your companies training module today!

With our 4 Module Social Selling Training program, we’ll teach you how to:

4 Weeks – 4 Modules

♦ Module 1 -ESTABLISH – Developing a Linkedin Profile, defining buyer personas, writing your headline.
♦ Module 2- FIND – Advanced search to find people and connect. How to use LinkedIn groups.

♦ Module 3 – ENGAGE – Finding, publishing and sharing of content

♦ Module 4- BUILD -Deepdive into other areas of online prospecting such as Trigger event selling

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What will You and your team learn during our LinkedIn Social Selling Workshop?

  • Build social profiles that attract buyers and write buyer personas
  • Find endless prospects that can be accessed for FREE
  • Share ideas & best practices with your buyer – become a resource and industry influencer
  • Drive new opportunities based on your companies existing success

Many Fortune 500 companies that have already taken our training and are enjoying outstanding results and have provided us testimonials we are happy to share.

Book Your LinkedIn Social Selling Training Today or Contact us for a customized social selling plan that suites your companies needs.

See What Our Many Satisfied LinkedIn Social Selling Trainees are Saying

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