In today’s highly competitive market, your website has to be an ever-evolving epicenter for your business that promotes your brand and keeps your audience coming back to see what you have for them next. In the earliest days of the Internet, the famous movie line: “If you build it, they will come”, was the mantra for building a successful website, however, that is nowhere near enough today. Now, your site has to rise above the noise of your competition and create a dynamic experience that will attract visitors, qualify them as leads and convert them into buyers. Does that sound daunting? To help you out, your web design experts at WSI Ottawa have divided the creation of a successful website into seven steps.

1. Develop Buyer Personas

Developing detailed personas including reasons for buying your product or service for each group in your customer base will help you build a site that is appealing to them. Your website will represent your brand, but design it for those who will use it- your target audience.

2. Set a Realistic Budget

Consider all that your website needs to accomplish and consider the money spent as an investment rather than a simple expenditure. Going too cheap with your budget will weaken all other marketing efforts, which will be far more costly in the end.

3. Plan your Strategy

Before you determine the actual design of your successful website, you have to plan your strategy for attracting visitors. Attracting visitors organically through SEO and content will require a different type of site than one designed primarily for use with paid advertising, for example.

4. Construction Phase

If you have put enough effort into the first three steps, by now you will have a blueprint for your web design and can begin construction. This is where your creativity also has to kick in so your customer base finds your website design attractive.

5. Test Drive and Final Fixes

Your aim is to ensure customers have a great experience with your website so spend some time testing everything your visitors will experience when visiting. Look for hyperlinks that do not work, spelling and grammar errors, responsive design and navigation issues and fix as required.

6. Maximize your Launch

This step includes pre and post launch activities to obtain ensure maximum exposure and success of your website. Capitalize on the marketing opportunities you have planned for your site through information capture, impeccable SEO and do not forget to leverage your social media properties.

7. Performance Enhancement

Your website needs updating and enhancement regularly so it does not stagnate. Analyze the data for your site to determine where improvements are required and to keep your content fresh.

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