We are at the beginning of a new year and that means developing new marketing strategies or tweaking our old ones. For a marketer that means formulating ideas and tactics to increase sales, content and search engine rankings. A big part of any marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you don’t implement your SEO properly, potential customers may never find you no matter how good your content is. When developing your content for SEO, consider these best practices.


Keywords and Personalization

When developing a new marketing strategy it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your keywords and how you’re using them. The keywords that were optimal for your business last year may not be the right ones now. Content is becoming more and more personalized, with the goal of zeroing in on what the user really wants and needs. When determining keywords, think of what would be important to the user, not just words that are important to the business or industry buzzwords. Brainstorm what customers and potential customers would type when searching for you.

Mobile Design

Having a mobile-friendly site is truly a must-do in this age of smart phones and tablets. Your site needs to be mobile ready, preferably in responsive design. In fact, by the end of 2014 mobile search volume had exceeded desktop search volume on Google around the world. Responsive design is so important to Google that they flag sites that display improperly on mobile devices. Your mobile site should provide a continuous experience and flow seamlessly from desktop to mobile devise. Google ranks pages higher that provide a consistent experience and have optimal page load speed.

Localized Search

As the mobile device market continues to grow it will create a shift in the way searches are conducted. The focus for marketers in both content and SEO will turn to a more localized approach. It is important for businesses to hone in on dominating their local market and optimizing their search words to achieve this goal. Many smartphones and tablets utilize location functions so they ask to use your current location when beginning a search. It’s vital to include your address; phone number and location when building search pages.

Content and Mobile is Still King

Content is driving SEO now more than ever. If you want your search rankings to climb, provide relevant content that is informative and entertaining and if you
haven’t gone mobile yet, get on it! To put together an effective SEO strategy for your business, contact WSI eStrategies.