Social media has become a mainstay in people’s lives, with mobile access rapidly taking over how it is used. In fact, worldwide there are well over 1.6 billion active mobile social accounts and one million people are creating new accounts daily. Imagine your business success if you could tap into just a tiny portion of that audience and spark interest in your products or services? The digital marketing game-changer you need to employ in 2017 to launch your business to impressive levels is social advertising.

How Social Ads are Game Changers for your Canadian Business

Paid search strategies like AdWords is an effective tool for increasing your traffic, but it’s only successful on people who are already looking for your offerings. What about the millions who don’t yet realize they need what your business can do for them? Social ads are a proactive digital marketing method and not a reactive one, meaning you are reaching people with an interest in what products or services you offer, but haven’t yet reached the research phase of the buyer’s journey. Even more important is that the success of your social ads doesn’t hinge on competing for keywords that may be out of your reach.

Micro Targeting for Maximum ROI

By now you are likely aware that social media allows for targeting & analytics that go far beyond basic demographics like location, gender, etc. Social ads let you tap into target users that includes behaviours, interests and even compatibility with current customers, meaning you can pinpoint and micro-target the exact people who are most likely to convert. Some examples are:

  • Showing ads only to people who have interests that your business can cater to, or who have used relevant keywords. Some platforms allow for both so you narrow it down even further.
  • Behavioural and connection targeting lets you focus on previous buying habits, how they spend their online time (intent) and how they use their devices to find people who connect best with your products and services or to find those who have expressed interest in similar offerings.
  • Find new target groups based on your current social media audiences.

The more you put into micro targeting, the higher your conversions will be because you are showing your ads to the people most likely to have an interest. That’s just smart marketing!

Social Ads are a Bargain!

One thing you won’t hear a marketer tell you, and you didn’t hear it from us, is that a form of advertising is cheap, but we can honestly tell you that your cost-per-lead with social ads is significantly lower than many other paid ad formats. Who doesn’t love a bargain, especially when it leads to more profit?

Social media is here to stay and social ads are the way to reach potential new customers without making an obvious “BUY NOW!” statement. Since you target your audience with such detail, these ads are actually of interest and when done right, they appeal and encourage engagement rather than being skipped, or worse, seeming intrusive.

It’s time to employ the game-changer for 2017 to accelerate your business growth! Talk to us about making social ads a part of your digital marketing strategy and let’s propel your Ottawa business to success!