Have you noticed that many marketers still tend to put their efforts into either Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Content Marketing? We all understand the importance of Google and its algorithms and businesses are so hyper focused on boosting their search rankings that their emphasis is focused on their keywords to the detriment of their content or they focus so much on content that they lose sight of keywords. How do you choose which strategy to target your efforts into for optimal results? The simple answer is, both! Marrying your SEO with your Content Marketing will give you optimal results. At WSI eStrategies we call this Adaptive SEO.

 The importance of Search Marketing

Over the last few years, there has been so much focus on content that some marketers began to think that SEO efforts were no longer that important. We started hearing terms like “SEO IS DEAD” or “RIP SEO”. The thought was that by putting out loads of content that your search engine rankings would climb naturally. Now I don’t deny the validity that Content Marketing is a key contributor to better search rankings but combining keyword rich content and SEO fundamentals in your blogs, images, videos, web pages and even your social media posts is the basis of good SEO and done right, will drive users to your site. Social signals are extremely important but lets not forget that Google produces 10 times more traffic than Facebook. By only publishing your content to your social media pages, you will surely miss out on those who are searching for your particular product or service. SEO is therefore very much alive and it is the combined efforts of traditional SEO fundamental with a unique Content Marketing Strategy.

Your keywords drive your content

The first step to successful SEO and any content marketing strategy is determining your keywords. Think like the people who are searching for your products and services. This will lead to a better scope of keywords. Think about your end user and what they want and worry less about what you this is important to Google. Your audience will most likely type in exactly what they think when searching online, and don’t forget the growing popularity of voice searches. Capitalizing on that will give your site better traffic, more exposure and increased conversions. The research you do on keywords will give you a sneak peek into the mind of your audience and an understanding of what your customers need and want. It’s an excellent source of content ideas that can show you different ways to cover a particular topic.


Best Way to Use Content

You’ve heard the saying, quality over quantity. That is never truer than with your content. Never post content for the sake of posting content. If it’s not valuable to your users it will show and they’ll stop visiting. The content you post should be of high quality and provide information your audience desires. Maybe you’ve heard you should be posting every day; if it doesn’t work for your business, stop and figure out what does. Never sacrifice quality for quantity. Use your keywords minimally and effectively. It’s not necessary to have your targeted keyword show up all over your content and is really just keyword stuffing. Using your keywords strategically in your content is key. Don’t focus solely on the keywords keep it engaging and naturel. Consider instead creating quality content around your targeted keywords that your audience will find helpful and useful. Try not to write for search engines. Give your potential customers what they want and Google will reward you.

SEO + Content Marketing = Traffic

SEO and content marketing are the most successful when done together. In conjunction it helps customers find you online, increases your brand awareness and leads to higher sales. Never stop researching your keywords and create quality content that serves your audience and you will see your search traffic increase. If your business is in need of a marketing strategy that works, contact the Internet Marketing Experts in Ottawa @ WSI eStrategies. We offer a full suite of Marketing Solutions to suite any business type, size or budget.