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A little while back I met with a disheartened business owner whose main competitor was located across the street. He explained in great detail how over the last few years he’d stare out his office window in envy while he watched traffic come in and out of the parking lot up the road. “How can I get my piece of this traffic?” he asked me?

Lack of Patience in Digital Marketing Ottawa

As digital marketers, we get asked this question all the time. I explained some Internet Marketing basics. We discussed his website, searched some industry keywords in Google to see who came up and then I continued explaining the benefits of good on-page optimization and its role in search. We finished by comparing his website to his neighbours and I pointed out some very obvious differences.

“I want that, he replied! Can we do that?” Of course we can I answered enthusiastically, give me a week or 2, let me dig a little and we’ll put together a digital marketing strategy that I’m confident over time will produce great results for your business.

As promised, I met back with the prospect a few weeks later and reviewed the proposed strategies and associated cost in its entirety. His angered response threw me! “How dare the search engines make it this complicated, costly & time consuming for a simple business like mine to be seen and found online”?

For those who know me, tact isn’t always my strong suit, so I asked him bluntly “Why do you deserve to be on the first page of Google”? He stared back at me in frustration and shrugged his shoulders. Your neighbor has been working diligently for years at establishing a strong online presence. They’ve been patient, worked hard and most likely spent hard to fill their parking lot day after day.

The moral of this story is simple. Any marketing, even Internet marketing is not a magical turnkey solution that’ll provide your business with overnight success. It’s neither a race, nor a sprint; it’s a marathon that you as business owners need to be committed to both mentally & financially in order to see profitable ROI’s.

The truth is, your lack of patience will probably be your competitors greatest marketing opportunity!

When considering digital marketing strategies, business owners should understand first and foremost 3 general rules.

  • It takes money! Yes, like most things in life, quality can be costly. Building brand awareness, rank position in the search engines, content and a website that converts requires a realistic marketing budget. A reputable Internet marketing agency cannot SEO for $200/month, nor can it run a successful PPC for $100/month. Honest digital marketers understand the client’s wants VS budget. Our agency often steps away because the budget offered would never produce a profitable outcome for what the client wants to achieve.
  • It takes time! Many businesses jump on the marketing bandwagon only to loose faith after a few a months. A/B testing different strategies and tactics to see what does and what doesn’t work in your CURRENT market is part of the marathon. It may take a little time and expense but once you have it, it pays itself back in spades.
  • There is no “SILVER BULLET STRATEGY to marketing success: The longer I do this the more we prove over & over that it takes a strategic mix of marketing tactics to stay on top. Whether you are using digital as your main source of funneling leads or traditional forms of marketing like radio or print, you need a blend. All eggs in one basket is never a good idea.

The way we search, investigate and absorb information evolves faster than it ever has before. My advice…stay current, run the course and don’t ever be afraid to try new marketing channels!

For more information on how digital marketing in Ottawa & Canada can help your business produce outstanding revenue generating leads through the Internet, contact the experts at WSI eStrategies in Ottawa today!

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