If you want to reproduce a meal by your favourite chef, guessing at the ingredients may result in a great dish, but more often than not you end up with something barely edible and not blue ribbon-worthy. To do it right, you need a recipe and quality ingredients that consistently produce a great result; the same can be said about a successful content strategy for your business. For maximum return on investment, there are five key ingredients for Content Marketing Success in Ottawa.

Our Recipe for Ottawa Content Marketing Success

Great content is the foundation to a great digital marketing strategy. With the following five ingredients combined in just the right way, you will turn out the best results.

1. An Audience you Understand Thoroughly

It’s difficult to cook with an ingredient if you have no idea how it tastes. When it comes to great content, you can’t appeal to your target audience if you don’t understand who they are. This goes beyond standard demographics such as age and location; you want to know as much possible about the people who are most likely to buy your products or enlist your services.

2. Audience Location & Content Preference

Yes, your audience is online, but WHERE are they spending time when they’re online? You have to learn where to place your content so your audience will see it. Their content preference is also key to your Ottawa content marketing success. If your audience generally prefers short videos, they will skip a long blog post and your message will be lost.

3. Light Seasoning

If you add every spice in the cupboard to a dish, you’ll bury the taste of the food you’re cooking and end up with something unpalatable. If you’re too long-winded with content and bury your intended message with needless information, you’ll achieve the same result.

4. Elevate your Dish

One key ingredient, combined with other great selections elevates a dish. Your content is the key in this recipe but requires several other strategic measures for content marketing success. Your content must be carefully seasoned, promoted and elevated for maximum impact.

5. Taste, Measure and Re-season

You can’t serve a dish without tasting it and ensuring it’s seasoned just right. Once the data starts rolling in on your content, review it carefully. Measure the success of your content and adjust as required to reach your sales goals.

For maximum content marketing success, contact WSI in Ottawa today to create a custom recipe for your business.