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It goes without saying that there is a huge need for Electronic Security in our homes and businesses. With the cost of these services significantly declining over the years, homeowners and businesses alike have no reason not to take advantage of these potentially life saving devices. Most consumers are aware of this, which is why they turn to the Internet and research the trustworthiness of Alarm and Security companies.

Security is undoubtedly the number one industry where building trust with your potential customer is of the up most importance. Think about it, they are inviting would be strangers into their homes and workplace, sometimes for hours to examine potential risks and vulnerabilities, which is why they will spend hours, even days researching a company they know they can trust.

Marketing Approach for Electronic Security and Surveillance Industry


For those in the electronic security and surveillance industry, ensuring your company has a strong online presence will not only help you build trust and credibility with your potential customer, but will also open a stream of inquiries which will undeniably turn into qualified leads or at the very least give you the opportunity to nurture future buyers.

Over the past few years, TELCO companies have aggressively moved into the home alarm and automation markets, many of them leveraging the power of the Internet as a strategic marketing tool. These giants are eating up huge chunks of the market while at the same time impacting the bottom line for everyone, more so for the smaller local companies and dealers. Again, compelling evidence showing that Security Companies must keep up or fall to the wayside.

Still need to be persuaded that your security business needs an effective online strategy? Here is a report projecting that the global market for internet-enabled devices will surpass 6 billion units in 2014. (, Report: 6 Billion Internet-Enabled Devices to Be Produced in 2014).

Well managed online strategies such as Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email marketing and in most cases the right mix of all the above are modern solutions that every Alarm and Security companies can utilize to generate leads and increase their online visibility.


Security consultants have been cold calling for years. Unfortunately in today’s market, these sales tactics are ineffective and unprofitable. More and more, consumers are turning to the Internet to research and buy. It is proven that most consumers are 70% through their buyer journey before they’ll even make first contact with an organization that can then validate their findings.

Statistics also tell us that at any given time only 3% of your market is buying. This is your target demographic! The problem with cold calling is that 97% of your market is not buying any time soon. So when a Security Consultant is asked to cold call for their leads, they are inescapably spending the majority of their effort and resources with non-byers.

To be competitive today in the Alarm and Security Industry, savvy owners are developing strategic online marketing strategies that allow them to develop relationships with their potential client long before they are ready to buy. This ensures that when they do enter the 3% buying stage, you will be their first call?

check out these latest marketing stats and trends from HUBSPOT!

For more information on how to develop an online marketing strategy for your Electronic Security and Surveillance Company, contact the experts @ WSI eStrategies and get started today!

Mark Jamieson has over 16 years experience as an award-winning consultant in the Electronic Security and Surveillance Industry.

Mark has taken his drive and expertise into the ever-evolving world of Internet Marketing were he continues to consult and educate companies on the importance of a strong online presence in the competitive marketplace today.

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