Make Your Brand Visible, Audible and ‘Follow’-Worthy


1-Maintain a Consistent Identity:

For Social Media Content Optimation, do justice to your brand identity, logo, and core values in each type of social media post. Use branded feature images, and maintain uniformity in the usage of colours or tone of voice. Consistency is the key to building brand recall.

2-Invest in Multiple Content Formats:

Bigger is not always better, yet you need to stand out amidst the clutter and grab eyeballs. Keep your messaging crisp, attractive, interesting and actionable. Create content in your target audience’s preferred media – use images, GIFs, hashtags, and videos.

3-Create Content Native to Each Platform:

Don’t simply link websites or blogs and repurpose the same content across all social media platforms. Study the nuances of each platform and create fresh, original content in line with the platform’s features and target audience demands. Today, across various platforms, there are approximately 3.7 billion active mobile social media users worldwide.

4- Take User Interaction to New Heights with Emoji Marketing:

Be an early adapter of emoji marketing, which is translating into greater interaction and 15% deeper and better user engagement on platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

5-Use Short-lived Content for Long-Lasting Engagement:

Create Instagram and Snapchat Stories to captivate your audience. Ephemeral content, although short-lived, promises a bright future. With over 500 million daily active users of Instagram stories (that are deleted within 24 hours), you could build impactful reach and brand recall in a significantly shorter time span.

6-Accept the ‘Vertical’ Bias that Comes with Mobile Internet Traffic:

Adapt content to the vertical formats favored by your target audience. 42% of global users access social media via mobile devices, including mobiles, tablets, voice assistants, and other digital assistants. Be mindful of screen sizes and types, and generate social content that is compatible with the various devices.

7-Broadcast Live:

Consumers are watching live feeds of everything. From launch announcements and backstage stories to user reviews and future lineups, users lap up anything that you can ‘show and tell’ in a ‘here and now’ manner. Capitalize on the ever-growing popularity of live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, in addition to other traditional content formats.