If you have been working to market your business in the digital landscape, you have undoubtedly come across the terms A/B testing and web analytics. The concept of A/B testing or split testing, as it’s also known, is simultaneously comparing two versions of a webpages against each other to see which combinations give you the highest conversions. Website analytics of course, refers to data collected about visitors and how they interact with these pages. Too often, business owners are working diligently to try to find the highest conversions for their products or services, but using the wrong data to measure their success or even worse, not analyzing the data at all! To maximize your profits and achieve digital marketing success, you have to start pulling these 5 analytics reports now!

1- Referring Sites
Knowing what sites are directing traffic to yours is vital to your digital marketing success. These sites are sharing your links with their visitors (also called backlinks) and directing traffic to you. At one time, this was a necessity to drive traffic to your site- the more links the better but that has changed. Google imposed changes to its algorithms to ensure only quality backlinks mattered and even blacklisted thousands of sites with purchased or “rogue” links. Study this report to ensure the links are from quality sites and take note of which sites are most helpful to your marketing efforts so you can capitalize on their traffic.

2- Content Engagement
You may believe your content is the best out there bar none, but what do your visitors think? This report tells you what type of content such as blog posts or videos and what topics are creating the most interest from your visitors. Once you have that information, you can adjust your content strategy to match your business goals and garner interest from your target audience.

3- Landing Pages
Specific landing pages that are not your homepage are vital to conversions. Since these are the components of your digital marketing campaigns that you will be tweaking and testing to maximize your profits, if you do not measure your results to see what’s working and what isn’t, you are passing up the opportunity to gain more profits.

4- Site Search
This often-overlooked report is a veritable gold mine of information! This data will tell you what visitors to your site are searching for, what pages are getting the greatest engagement and most important of all, what information your visitors are looking for that you don’t have. Talk about a great way to curate new content topics to enhance your digital marketing efforts!

5- Mobile Performance
More people access the Internet for information from mobile devices than desktop computers and Google has made a transition to mobile-first indexing. If your site is not performing optimally for mobile devices, you will lose valuable traffic. Use Google’s tool to test your site’s mobile performance and study your reports to gain extra insights.

If you start pulling these five analytics reports now, you’ll find out the strengths and weaknesses of your current digital marketing strategy and be able to make educated decisions about what you can do to maximize your profits.

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