It has become increasingly obvious over the last few years the importance of a strong online presence in the home improvement industry. Traditionally, home improvement marketing was mainly done via offline forms advertising such as local newspapers, radio and even TV. Unfortunately, these traditional methods were based on a ‘needle in a haystack’ approach hoping to target the right person at the right time. Customers are now researching even the smallest purchases, things as simple as fixing a clogged drain online.Contractors or should I say savvy contractors are turning to online forms of marketing to attract their clients.

Marketing Tips for Contractors

With so much information at their fingertips and so many competitors, successful Contractors in Ottawa are focusing more than ever on the digital needs of their customers. Gone are the days of simply picking up the phone and inquiring about a specific product or service. Consumers are turning to the Internet, specifically Google, to research your company before even making the decision to add you to the list of possible candidates. It is said that most people are approximately 80% through their sales funnel before they initiate first contact, proving again the need for a strong online presence.

Here are some simple tips that contractors can do to increase their online visibility.

1) Make sure your website doesn’t “SUCK”. Make simple elements like call extensions and phone numbers visible and easy to access on your website. Don’t make your clients hunt for the information they are looking for. Adding strong calls to actions like a ‘request a quote’ from on every page of your website will undoubtedly help secure more online leads.

2)Reviews, reviews and more reviews. Showcase the positive! Do I really need to elaborate!

3)Submit your website to local directories. Most homeowners will want to do business with local companies who understand the local market. Submitting to local directories will exponentially increase your chances of being found online.

4)Register on Google My Business It just makes sense, especially if you’re a local business! Google holds roughly 70% of search queries. Don’t you want to be found where most are looking? Be sure to add detailed descriptions of your business, the services you offer and your location.

5)Hire a professional! Hiring a professional to handle your online marketing strategies is the fastest and easiest way for you to get results with a positive return on your investment (ROI). The professionals at WSI eStrategies will insure that your online marketing efforts abide by Google’s best practices ensuring your Internet Marketing needs are handled right the first time.

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