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Video Marketing Ottawa

If Your Not Using Video to Market, You’ve Already Lost

Why is Video Marketing so important in 2016? Video is the most powerful form of content today and it’s growing in popularity every day. There’s a reason that YouTube is the second most used social media network, right behind Facebook. People love videos. It is much easier to retain something when you see it rather than just read it. Videos are a great way to engage your audience and link your social media sites to your website. They can be informative with tips and tricks or tutorials. Customer testimonials are also a big way to use video.

You don’t need to be a Hollywood director or actor to make a good video. In fact, the most influential videos are made using your staff or even better, with actual customers using your product. Videos that are short and simple are the best. A little humour never hurts either.

The video marketing team at WSI eStrategies in Ottawa will help you with concept, production, uploading and marketing your videos so you get that extra boost of exposure help achieve your business’ objectives. Remember, if you’re not using Video in 2016 as part of your marketing mix, you’ve already lost!

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