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Why SEO’s Need to Change the Way They Choose Keywords

Mark Jamieson - March 28, 2017

Keyword targeting is at the root of any successful SEO campaign. This is a constant that has not changed and probably never will. Gathering this necessary intelligence determines for the mo

Mistakes during a website redesign

Want To Screw Up During a Website Redesign? Don’t Read This!

Mark Jamieson - December 15, 2016

Redesigning your website isn’t just an exercise in aesthetics. Sure, the purely visual elements of your newly designed website will likely get most of the attention, but a great website redesign also requires you to consider what’s under the hood

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7 No Brainer Steps to Improving Your SEO Rankings

Mark Jamieson - September 15, 2016

You have the best product or service, you’ve been paying attention and nailed down your primary buyer persona and you have awesome content aimed at driving more conversions than ever before. There’s just one problem; you’re not attracting new v

Ottawa Digital Marketing Landcape

Accelerate Ottawa Business Growth with 6 Fundamental Digital Marketing Factors

Mark Jamieson - April 1, 2016

Business growth is highly dependent on a successful digital marketing strategy that will propel your Ottawa business ahead of its competition. While this tidbit might not be new, the very fact that it

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