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Mobile Strategies

Take a  take a look around, just do it! I’ll bet you someone close to you is on his or her phone or tablet.  Studies show that 74% of Canadians use mobile devices and 51% use their mobile device to go online.  No longer can a mobile-friendly site be an afterthought. The new approach is mobile-first, your design must center on mobile use.

The average Canadian mobile phone or tablet user spends about 75 hours per month on their device.  They have become a necessity to their users. Mobile devices are convenient because they can be taken anywhere and are easy to use for searching products and services online while on the move.  This is why your site needs to be mobile optimized, you need to reach your audience no matter when or where they go online.

Our strategy is to really get to know your business and your target audience.  Not every mobile user is the same after all.  Millennials for instance, can’t function without a mobile device and conduct almost all Internet use on their smartphone or tablet.  Once we have a thorough understanding of your users we can develop mobile applications, websites and content that fits their needs and wants.

Your mobile strategy needs to grab your user’s attention while providing the information they need and must perform flawlessly.  That means fast load times, simple design and the perfect content.  Our expertise can get you up and running in the mobile world with ease and provide a seamless experience for your audience.

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