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It’s a mobile-first world in 2015

The year is winding down and we are gearing up for 2015. For a marketer that means formulating strategies to increase sales, content and search engine rankings. If you don’t play your SEO right, potential customers may never find you. Let’s look at what is driving SEO in 2015.

mobile friendly web design

Mobile Design

You’ve heard it over and over again; it’s a mobile-first world now. Maybe you took it as a suggestion before; it truly is a must-do now. Your site needs to be mobile-friendly, preferably in responsive design. In fact, by the end of 2014 mobile search volume will exceed desktop search volume on Google. Responsive design is so important to Google that they flag sites that display improperly on mobile devices. Your mobile site should provide a continuous experience and flow seamlessly from desktop to social media sites. Google ranks pages higher that provide a consistent experience and have optimal page load speed.

Keywords and Personalization

A new year is always a good time to re-evaluate your keywords and how you’re using them. Content is becoming more and more personalized, ensuring that it all meets user’s needs. When determining keywords, they need to be what would be important to the user, not the business or just buzzwords. Brainstorm what customers and potential customers would type when looking for you. Users expect things to be personalized so searches will be in conversational form and personal.

Voice and Natural Language Search

As the mobile device market continues to grow it will create a shift in the way searches are conducted. Mobile device users cannot always type their query which is leading towards growth in voice search. Google is investing in being able to understand the semantics and context of speech. This is important when determining your keywords. If more users will actually be speaking their search terms, think of what words and conversational phrases would be used to search for your product or service. Apple has been using voice search for a while, with Siri, but with the mobile devices taking over, it’s a trend that will expand rapidly as we go into 2015.

Content and Mobile is Still King

Content more than ever is your SEO driver. Provide the content user’s desire that is informative, entertaining and frequent. And, if you haven’t gone mobile, get on it! Do that and they will come to you and your search rankings will climb? To put together an SEO strategy for your business in Ottawa, contact WSI eStrategies.

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