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Mobilegeddon happened and I’m still standing – So you think!

Mark Jamieson - April 25, 2015

Last week, Google released its largest mobile algorithm update ever. The search giant is sending a strong message to companies of all sizes to shape up or feel its wrath. Google has publicly announced that the April 21st update will impact

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It’s a mobile-first world in 2015

Mark Jamieson - December 3, 2014

The year is winding down and we are gearing up for 2015. For a marketer that means formulating strategies to increase sales, content and search engine rankings. If you don’t play your SEO right, potential customers may never find you. Let’s look

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Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Kimberly Jamieson - November 4, 2014

Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile-first is a term that has been thrown around the digital marketing world for several years. With the massive increase in mobile usage, marketers need to think of mobile as a requirement


Get on board with mobile marketing ASAP

Kimberly Jamieson - September 25, 2014

Why should you get on board with mobile marketing? Just do the math! In March of this year, we shared a blog post which cited some statistics from

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